blank canvas

i've been staring at plain white walls in our bedroom for over three years. our room has never been a priority. we had planned on waiting until the rest of the main rooms were done. we're in that phase where i'm not sure those main rooms will ever be least not until our boys are grown & out of the house. lately, as the boys are getting older, i find myself spending more and more time in my room. i love my solitude. i need my solitude. it's what keeps me sane. it was getting to a point where i didn't really enjoy being in my room. it didn't feel like my sanctuary. the furniture didn't feel cohesive or make sense. it just felt like it was sitting there in my life feels some days! ha! finally, i couldn't take it anymore and on a whim, i decided i needed to make it my sanctuary. i needed to figure out a way to incorporate both chad & i into the decor, keep it simple & minimalistic, yet include the mid-century modern that love & a bit of whimsy that makes me smile. i also needed to do it on a budget to keep my husband happy. with a wish list of items and a $100 budget, i set out for our local thrift stores...and of course Target.



i love thrifting

i have to tell you how much i love thrifting. it's something i've loved in the past, but haven't done too much of as of late, aside from books. this whole experience though has reinvigorated my passion for finding fabulous items at amazing prices. maybe one day i'll bring you all along on my journey.

all the good stuff

weed work

i found this awesome empty simple gold frame at St. Vinny's for $2. i immediately had this vision of a flower picture my grandma had hanging in her house. with a clipped weed from across the street and a piece of light blue construction paper, my vision became reality.

warm woods

these might be some of my favorite finds. the front candlestick and the vase were $1 each. the back candlestick was $2.50. all three were from St. Vinny's. i found this stem of flowers at Dollar Tree for $1. i already had a bunch of white taper candles. the little basket was $1 from the local thrift store, Second Impressions. i just love how much warmth these add to the room.

lamp love

this lamp is my absolute favorite find. it's an alabaster and brass and heavy. it was originally $15, but Second Impressions had 50% off their lamps & linens that day so i ended up getting it for $7.50! steal! it had come with a bigger lamp shade that was yellowing, so i snagged a new one at Target that fit it and the room better for $14.24. the books are from my own collection, handed down to me from my grandparents. i love the yellowed pages & painted edges and decided to display them that way. the the geometric bird i found at Dollar Tree for $1. there is something about birds that just make me feel connected to my grandparents.

hanging hats

i hadn't intended on hanging anything on the wall above the dresser since we're planning on hanging a bigger tv on the wall eventually. i'm not sure when that will happen and it felt so bare. i have loads of hats that i had already been planning on hanging in my closet (when i get to reorganizing that thing!). i found these small white clips in the dollar spot at Target, $1 for a pack of six. using some small clear 3M hooks i hung the clips & clipped the hat brims in. i love how it turned out and the character it adds to the room.


one of the main things i needed to incorporate in the room was a workspace. i'm so tired of working at my kitchen counter. i've had this sewing machine cabinet in my room for awhile now. yes it has a beautiful functioning vintage Singer 301 sewing machine in it! i've never had a proper chair for it though. we've used ottomans and dragged in our dining chairs. a comfy chair was a top priority for me when i was browsing the thrift stores. i really wanted something mid-century modern to fit with the cabinet style, so i was stoked when I came across this light colored one at St. Vinny's for $10! it had a blush pink velour seat on it that looked a bit gross. luckily I found a scrap of navy blue vinyl for $1 at St. Vinny's, as well, that I was able to use to reupholster it with. (don't look underneath the seat...its a pretty tragic upholstery job but it works. the rest of the desktop decor was mainly stuff i already had. except for the faux magnolia. Target dollar spot $3. and the mug/pen holder, which was another Vinny's find for 89 cents. i ended up getting a bit creative for the wall decor. i wanted a some sort of simple artwork and i wanted it to pull in the colors of our bedding. i thought about painting something, but i didn't have any blank canvases; and i didn't feel like buying any either. i did, however, have a couple of those awful paintings from those Wine & Paint girls nights. and i have loads of denim scraps from making my own jean shorts. i grabbed a couple scraps, cut them up, lightly sprayed them with bleach and threw them in the wash to rough them up. once they were dry, i glued the denim down and wrapped it around the canvas, hiding my beautiful masterpiece for-ev-er! free artwork is always awesome. i found the rattan paper plate holder at Second Impressions thrift store for 25 cents. the faux succulent & ceramic envelope is Opalhouse for Target, $6. and the pièce de ré·sis·tance is, of course, my son, Claesson's drawing of Captain America. the frame was a silver one that i had packed away from when we moved that i wrapped in gold washi tape that i had laying around.

rest & relax

my bed. my glorious bed. i love my bed. i love the bedding. the colors. it's been the inspiration for the entire room. blue is my husband, chad's, signature color and i love having it as a staple color in the room. i covered our nightstands in this rattan fabric that i had cut from table runner i found at the thrift store for 25 cents. i just wanted to give the nightstands more texture and warmth. the hurricane lamps were passed on to me after my other grandma passed away. i had been holding on to them trying to find the right place to use them in the house. i'm obsessed with the color and the metal work and the size is perfect for our nightstands. i found these cute little ceramic ice cream cups in the dollar spot at Target for $1 each and the make the perfect little odds & ends containers. i had these white shelves packed away in a box from when we moved, but when i pulled them out they were a bit yellowed. i happened to have white spray paint on hand and quickly painted them a nice flate white to match the mirrors. the succulents were $1 each at Dollar Tree. and to add more warmth to the shelves i included the rattan paper plate holders there too.

organized junk

i've had these orange crates for a very long time. they had been stacked against a different wall and had a bunch of random jewelry & books in them. i had always hated it but didn't know what else to do with them. i split them up. put one in a corner with these felt baskets from Target's dollar spot $3 each. i was able to organize my book & writing & color junk into them. i found a basket with the fake plant in it at Vinny's for $5 to rest on top and add some life to the room. it needed a little tlc, but with dusting, a little water & vinegar spray, & oxy odor eliminator spray, i gave it a new life. the other crate i moved to the side of the dresser to balance out the reading chair on the other side. its a nice little bookshelve for my favorite series, grumpy rowan, and some books i'm in the process of reading.

basket of blankets

i have been wanting a basket to throw my blankets in for ages. this was also an must have item on my wish list. and I found this really beautiful wicker basket for $7 at the thrift store. i moved my full length mirror to the wall, added ivy that i found at the thrift store for $2. tucked in some of my favorite polaroids (because, believe it or not, i actually need more photos hanging up in my house) and voilá, i have this super cute space for checking myself out!

warm & cozy & functional

i'm so in love with how it all turned out. all the natural materials & woods, the (fake) plants, the pieces of our family & our life, that i incorporated truly make it feel like my sanctuary. maybe too much?! i kind of don't want to leave here in the morning. now onto the next closet! wish me luck!!